How to install pvc skirting board only 5steps

PVC skirting board is also called vinyl skirting board. As we all know, installing PVC skirting board makes the vinyl floor easy to maintain. While, how to install the skirting board? Please just follow the below 5 steps:


1. It should be ensured that all surfaces to which the profile is to be fixed are sound, dry, flat and free from any contaminants. Wall surfaces should be free from any previous coverings, linings or adhesive residues used to fix them. Paint films and any mold must be removed and the affected surface-treated correctly.


2. Using a piece of skirting as a gauging template, place in position and use a pencil to mark the wall to provide a guideline for adhesive application.

3. All internal and external corners should be miter cut.

4. Apply one of the recommended adhesives listed below and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. The adhesive is applied only to that section of the wall where the vertical face of the sit-on skirting will be bonded, not to the foot of the skirting or flooring.


5. Bring both surfaces together and apply even pressure along the skirting ensuring any air bubbles are removed and full contact is made with the wall.


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