PVC Skirting Board

PVC skirting board is Commercial Grade, full .080" thick. This durable vinyl wall base can be purchased in strips or rolls. Our vinyl wall base will appeal to designers, architects, contractors and installers. Easy to clean, and never needs painting and will not shrink. This flexible wall baseboard is made from homogeneous vinyl. Available in either toe or straight (toeless) styles.
On the periphery of a room, between the floor surface and four walls, make wall base an accent, rather than an afterthought. PVC skirting board creates a beautiful and economical choice for heavy traffic and high maintenance areas. The beautiful colors and matte finish easily conform to irregularities of the wall and can be installed around curves and corners. Any commercial or residential wall and floor seam.





H63 PVC skirting board 63mm 1.7mm
H80 80mm 1.81mm
H100 100mm 1.8mm
H120 120mm 2mm
JH80 PVC skirting board 80mm 1.8mm
JH100 100mm 2mm
JH120 120mm 2mm
TA-2 PVC skirting board 100mm 2mm
TA-3 105mm 3mm
H150 PVC skirting board 100mm 2.5mm, base width:50


1. Clean up the wall;
2. Coated with all-purpose adhesive or glue on the wall;
3. After a few minutes, glue is to be a little dry;
4. Then paste the wall, please press hardly or hammer with a rubber hammer a few.


1. Soft PVC, anti-aging, and no deformation. To Protect our head from hurting. Now kindergartens are widely used.
2. Environmentally friendly & non-toxic formaldehyde-free.
3. Easy to install, only need glue.
4. If the product is deformed, You can use hot water scalding or Hot air gun Blow, a Recoverable prototype.

1. Compares with the wood skirting, PVC skirting board is moistureproof, fire prevention and insect-resistant.
2. Play the role of decoration, to avoid the wall deformation and collision damage.
3. More convenient to clean.

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