Plastic Welding Rod


A plastic welding rod, also known as a thermoplastic welding rod, is a rod with circular or triangular cross-section used to bind two pieces of the plastic floor together. Sinobuilders PVC welding rods are available in a wide range of colors to match the base material's color.

Hot welding weld floor cracks, which can make a clean effect, waterproof, dirty resistance, and anti-microbial. Welding rod according to all kinds of floor material can emphasis on joint effect. Every roll is attached plastic roll heart, which is convenient to use and protect 


Product Name: PVC Welding Rod
Material: PVC, Vinyl, Thermal Plastic
Description:  Flexible welding rod to joint two pieces of the plastic floor together.
Installation: With a welding gun to heat the welding rod.
Feature: Easy installing, waterproof, anti-corrosion,  Resistance to termites and insects
Application:  PVC floor joint
Color: Our company has a Professional color lab,  according to the consumer’s requirement making an exact match, there is a complete color for choices.
Process:  Rubber Extrusion



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