Is skirting baseboard really a necessary?

The prevalence of simplicity has caused the skirting to be gradually ignored by everyone. People want to pursue simple and atmospheric decorations. Often, the seemingly cumbersome "kicks" are discarded. But is the skirting really so dispensable?

 What is the role of the skirting?

• Block the gap between the floor and the wall
When you use wooden floor or ceramic tile floor, you need to pay attention to when installing, leave a space of about 5mm at the junction of the floor and the wall to prevent the floor from stretching and arching during seasonal replacement. However, the reserved gaps are ugly and will easily accumulate dust. Use skirting to cover the gap between the wooden floor and the wall to beautify the overall decoration.

• Cover messy wires
The skirting line can well cover the messy wires. When you have some reserved or added wires during the decoration and don’t know how to deal with it, you don’t need to gouge the wall to fill the pipe and bury the wires. It is directly hidden behind the skirting line, saving trouble It does not affect the appearance.

• Protect the wall
The skirting line, as the name implies, is the area where the kick can be obtained. The skirting line can protect this area of ​​the wall to avoid damage to the wall, especially during daily mopping and cleaning. It is more difficult to clean the wall when a wet mop touches the wall. The skirting line is easier to clean and maintain due to the material.




• Beautify the decoration vision
When decorating, you can choose baseboards of different colors and materials, which correspond to the overall decorating style, and modify the overall decorating lines to beautify the vision.

This shows that the skirting baseboard still played a big role in the decoration. In the process of daily use, indoors with baseboards are definitely more advantageous than indoors without baseboards. So the question is, how to choose the skirting?

How to choose skirting baseboard?
The baseboard material is divided into four categories: wood, stone, aluminum alloy and PVC skirting board.


Wood skirting board

 Wood baseboards have a good decorative effect, especially solid wood baseboards, which can improve the quality of home improvement for those who pursue quality. Environmental protection and peace of mind.

However, solid wood baseboards are not only expensive and have poor wear resistance, but are also susceptible to moisture and insects, especially when you buy not good wood.

Stone skirting board

The typical stone is a marble. The main advantage of marble skirting is that it has more patterns and can be made of plain and dark colors. Compared with wood skirting that is susceptible to moisture and insects, marble does not have to worry about this problem.

However, marble also has problems such as poor installation and easy degumming, a long construction period, and a certain degree of radiation. Although the radiation of good marble can be said to be negligible, in the case of limited decoration costs, you have to bear unnecessary risks.

Metal skirting board

The metal baseboard is hard and has a long service life. The snap-in installation method is simple and convenient, and the metal texture makes the skirting look tall and modern.

However, success and failure are also poor, and the unique modern texture also makes it limited in practical use, and it is easy to appear nondescript. (As shown below)


After reading so much, you may start to wonder, is there no baseboard that is insect-free, cheap, non-degumming, easy to install, and diverse in styles? Have!

PVC skirting board

PVC is a kind of plastic, even if it is used for a long time, it will not be moth-eaten, and the price of PVC skirting is much cheaper than other materials, and it is very cost-effective. For people with limited decoration budget, Is a good choice. The plastic material is also water-resistant, so there will be no problems such as dampness in daily cleaning.

Soft PVC skirting has good flexibility and can be used on irregularly shaped walls, such as cylinders.

PVC baseboards are not only highly selective in color matching, but also in styles.

The rigid baseboard made of polymer foaming technology can replace wood and MDF materials, and is resistant to insects, water and solvents. Woodgrain patterns can also be made on the surface.

Multifunctional skirting line, at the same time, has the function of top cover edge and PVC floor underlay, hard PVC material, wear-resistant and durable.

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In fact, the skirting line is not only practical, but also decorative. Different styles and different colors of the skirting line will not appear cumbersome, but can also modify the overall line.

Simple and elegant decoration with black skirting embellishment, let the decoration become content.

You can also choose the skirting line of the same color as the wall, which not only plays the role of skirting line, but also meets your simple style requirements.
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